About us

               We are web solutions based company that allows you to take your bussiness or personal ideas to the next level!
               We offer high quality web services such as CRM, Web hosting, cloud hosting, web design, internet marketing and most important, IT security!

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Web Hosting

Packs & traffic

Hosting *.ro

Pack Quota Trafic / Bandwidth Domains Dedicated IP Mails Price
Basic 0.8 GB Unlimited 1 No. 10 50
Standard 1.5 GB Unlimited 1 No. 30 150
NecSys Pro < 2.5 GB Unlimited 2 Yes. Unlimited 225
*Prices are mentioned in romanian currency and don't include VAT!

It is better to have a .ro or an international domain name?

    In case your site / platform adresses to the romanian public, it is better to have a romanian domain (.ro).


    Because Google puts first the searches related to some country's domain, considered to be ore relevant than generic ones. For example, when you search something on www.google.ro, .ro domains results wil be in majority, despite the fact you used an english keyword. In case yout site has an internatioal public, you can choose, and it is better, to choose a general domain, such as .com, .org, .net or .info..

Domain prices

Domain / Price
.ro .com .net .org .biz .info
61 € / lifetime 16 € / year 16 € / year 16 € / year 16 € / year 16 € / year
*Prices are mentioned in romanian currency and don't include VAT!

Web Services, Graphic & Networking

    We provide a safe and reliable package of web and network related services, such as graphical design, web design and netwrok solutions.


    We provide networking solutions from configuring a small home netwok to setting up a company network, with file servers, acces points, routers, traffic management & security, VPN & VNC and more. Our main purpose at NecSys is creating a safe and reliable network in every location, which can maintain the work flow and productivity.

Web Design & Graphic Design

Entry Level - Package 1

  • Presentation page
  • Personalized site design
  • Wordpress, joomla or HTML5
  • Contact form included

Basic Level - Package 2

  • Presentation pages: content & product
  • Personalized site design + admin page
  • Form: contact & order
  • Wordpress, Joomla or HTML5

Blog / Magazine - Package 3

  • Presentaton pages, personalized desgin
  • Unlimited pages & media, regarding choosen host pack
  • Client's site administration page
  • Search & archive system
  • Contact forms
  • Comments / opinions about sites content
  • Wordpress & Joomla

Professional / e-Commerce - Package 4

  • Product / presentation pages
  • Peronalized design & unlimited content
  • Client administration system
  • Detailed products & offers
  • Online acquisition system
  • Search system
  • Forms: contact, request etc.
  • Wordpress, Joomla

Online bussiness cards

  • Site for introducing a person or an entity
  • Simple format
  • Contact form
  • Starting 75 €
  • For multilinguistical sites, an extra charge of € is needed, regarding choosen web package.

Web packs

Nr. Name Costs Multi-lang
Package 1 Entry level 330.00 € 50.00 €
Package 2 Basic 430.00 € 75.00 €
Package 3 Blog / Publicatie / Forum 520.00 € 125.00 €
Package 4 Bussines / Pro / E-commerce 850.00 € 230.00 €

Graphic design

    We can create any image, poster, bussines card or any other graphic material according to your idea.


               Along with the evolution of technology, the Internet, online environment and last but not least the end-user consumer-have also evolved the strategies that can be adopted in the online environment. Unfortunately, most of the time both advertising companies and firms lacked the necessary vision of a rapid adaptation to the reality of the new enviroment, being permanently trapped in an antagonist view, being away from the trends of the moment. In terms of the services offered by NecSys, we can say that we cover the entire range of online marketing services, being experienced in configuring, monitoring performance and optimization of the marketing actions which you will find below.

               The main characteristics of marketing in the online environment that we offer are the following:
- content marketing
- search engine optimization
- search engine marketing (or more precisely, how it's paid advertising e.g. Google Adwords or other PPC solutions)
- re-marketing solutions(available through Google's Adwords system, as well as through Facebook Ads)
- e-mail marketing solutions-both self-managed,like phpList, as well as the external ones like Mailchimp or Aweber
- social media marketing solutions - Facebook Ads, Twitter etc.
- mobile advertising

About AdWords

Do you have a new website?

               AdWords campaigns will bring you in the top positions in Google, since the first day of the campaign. Do you want to earn more with your current website? AdWords campaigns will provide the necessary data to know better your clients, to descover new business opportunities,to develop and to increase the profits of the whole site.

What isi it?

               Google AdWords is a Google product that allows displaying advertisements paid directly to interested persons of your services or products. Advertisements displayed by Google AdWords text ads are appearing in Google results either banner ads that appear on Google partner sites.

Why choose Google Adwords

  • Sales: Your ads will be displayed when a person searches for the product or the service offered by you. Google AdWords will boost your sales that comes to help your potential clients and for those who need the product or the service promoted.
  • Contacts: Your ads will be displayed only to those directly interested in you. Each AdWords campaign means objectivity, so your invested budget is on point for every reached plan.
  • Notority: Since the first day of the campaign, Google AdWords brings you in the top positions in Google. Your company's image will grow in reputation, and your brand will be visible where it counts.
  • Development: Google AdWords is very generous in data and statistics related to your campaign performance,in people who are interested in your products and services and their behavior on your website. With a team of specialists near you, you will discover new opportunities for continuous development of the campaign, as well as your business.
  • Quickness: Google AdWords is an online advertising method with an immediate impact, which can be used in your online marketing strategy, alongside other sustainable measures in time, but with a low initial impact.
  • Budget control: In any moment you will be able to determine which is the budget that is worth to invest in. It can be changed depending on the degree of cost-effectiveness and profitability of the campaign.
  • Remarketing: Google AdWords allows you to keep in touch with the people who have been on your site and are more prone to buy or fill out our contact form.

What recommends us?

  • Dedicated team. We are a team of specialists that we handle your campaigns.We create your AdWords strategies suited to your domain and your site. We analyze data and bring permanent improvements.
  • Google certification. We are abreast of the innovations brought about by Google and we always use new strategies based upon them.
  • Oriented for succes & results. Together with you we determine what are the objectives of the campaign and we are committed to fulfilling them. We provide solutions for improving your campaign, as well as for the improvement of the entire site.
  • Transparency. We make monthly reports on the results obtained, and anytime we answer your questions related to your AdWords campaigns. We will meet with you and we will determine together which are the next steps.
               A company that provides SEO services, relies on specialized personnel in the field and who can influence the search engines through optimization and promotion services in order to increase organic traffic. Good results in search engines are due to SEO services, applied naturally.

What are SEO services

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
               On-page optimization, or SEO optimization, refers to the technical part of the website, the structure of the files and the structure of internal links. Here are the optimization of the images, titles, descriptions, tags H1, H2, H3, compress CSS files and JavaScript files, remove the empty (white) spaces, from the structure of files, etc. Off-page optimization, or you may also call it online advertising or Web promotion, is the service that the website is made known in the Internet. You can use Web directories, social networking, discussions on forums and comments on various blogs, article directories, etc. Off-page optimization can be done only after the service on-page optimization is done,so, online promotion, will achieve the ultimate goal but only after a longer time. NecSys.ro SEO - in addition to Web Design and Internet Marketing, our company can also offer you the following SEO services:
  • Web optimization-Web optimization service includes: high percentage for tests with Page Speed (over 90%), remove XHTML errors, remove CSS errors.
  • Web advertising-through directories, social networks, forums, etc.
Anti-spam policy
               NecSys SRL NecSys SRL prohibits the use of the service in any way that would result with the consequence in the transmission, distribution and delivery of unsolicited electronic mail in large volume or unsolicited commercial messages ("Spam"). By spam sending we refer to the delivery of unsolicited messages behind which we can receive complaints from those who receive them, use or distribution lists of emails that belong to the persons who have not given their consent, posting commercial articles on the USENET newsgroup,that does not allow this, posting articles containing binary encoded data in, posting massive comments on groups, forums that have no connection with the subject that is being discussed, the continuously sending of abusive material that may be considered offensive In order to ensure the best conditions for all customers, NecSys adoptsan tolerance-free politics for the subscriptions that send SPAM. This policy may involve the suspension of any subscription that turns out to be the source of SPAM. In order to eliminate various problems hosting subscriptions can send a maximum of 6 emails messages per minute. There is no exception to this rule. Any customer who wishes to send more emails per hour, will have to ask the express permission to NecSys. At all the email lists,that the owner of the email address needs to express their explicit desire to receive emails from you and to confirm that the email address belongs to him. It is not allowed the email sending to other email lists purchased or received. Sending emails to these lists will be considered as SPAM and will result in suspension of your hosting account unconditional. If NecSys considers that an inproper and unauthorized use of any service takes place, it may take, withought prior notice, the measures that we considercorrect,according to our own considerations, in which blocking the messages fron a particular internet domain,the mail server or IP address. NecSys can immediately suppress any account of any service where we find, according to our own considerations, that is transmitted or there is any kind of conection with an e-mail that violates this policy.  


Web / Network Security

               Our company offers you complete services of testing and evaluating the security of the infrastructure of your web services. Our team of specialists in web security offers specialised assistance to protect your critical network enviroment and personal data, to strengthen your web applications and to improve your security on the entire company.

Our analisys will be taken as a point of view of a potential attacker and includes the following points::

  • Stress test to see the stability of the informatics system.
  • Robots attacks using commercial apps and our own apps.
  • Manual attacks using diferent vectors.
  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities in case they are discovered.
  • An attempt to retrieve access on the entire computer system and accessing confidential information.
  • Vulnerabilities and problems discovered will be documented and included in the report, together with recommendations for improving your system.

In an audit of web security, real vulnerabilities will be used in trying to access your system, which will cause a temporary interruption of the IT infrastructure (Denial Of Service). We recommend that you make a backup before you authorize a security penetration / stress test.